International Youth Camp IYC 2022

Informacija lietuviškai čia !

The Fraternity of Tiberiade in Lithuania is organising an international camp this summer. This is already the third edition of this international camp and we are happy to repeat this experience in Lithuania in 2022 !

The IYC2022 brings together young people from more than 15 countries and nationalities for one week. It is a unique opportunity to experience a time of deepening faith with other Christians from different backgrounds and cultures. 

During a week, almost 300 young people

  • experience brotherhood,
  • deepen faith through conferences,
  • participate in workshops on various themes,
  • listen to testimonies,
  • pray together
  • search for beauty through artistic creations
  • camping under tent (bring your own tent!:))

Halfway through the camp, we will live an experience in small groups in order to discover each other better and meet the country that welcomes us: this is what we call “Gospel Trek”.

More than 20 Gospel Trek options are being prepared, from a Franciscan providence experience, a pilgrimage, a cultural visit, a time of silence in a hermitage, manual work, and much more.

Look at the pictures of the IYC 2019 edition and get inspired to join us !

Participation fees and registration

The price of participation for one person is €150 for the whole week (july 4-10).

But beware!

Your registration is valid if you send a proof of your payment (PDF, or screenshot) to Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlių. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį. !

Our bank account : LT21 7300 0100 9273 9535 (Swedbank bank) SWIFT : HABALT22 (as reference indicate name, last name and IYC2022)

In case of a last minute cancellation, the price of the camp will be refunded, but 30€ will be retained for the organisation costs. Thanks for understanding !

Registration is already open and you can also follow us on the Facebook @IYC2022 page of the Camp and invite other young people to join us!

If you are a minor (under 18), you must provide a parental authorization/consent (find in the registration form) and send it to Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo šiukšlių. Jums reikia įgalinti JavaScript, kad peržiūrėti jį. together with your registration.

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You wonder where is Lithuania and Baltriškės ? 

Watch a short video to discover the wonderful place you are going to live in!


About IYC 2022 theme: "I am looking for my brothers".

"I am looking for my brothers" is a quote from the book of Genesis, taken from the story of Joseph and his brothers. This is the great story of wounded brotherhood that seeks to build itself. Joseph's family is the image of our humanity: Joseph is the second to last of a sibling group of 12, where there is no shortage of rivalry and competition.

The tragic fate of Joseph, whom his brothers first wanted to kill but who was eventually sold into slavery, tells us the great complexity of human brotherhood. The Bible tells us that brotherhood that God desires is in reality a quest and a task, and that it is constantly put to the test.

This biblical story will tell of the amazing adventure of brotherhood that passes through betrayal, slavery, settlement in a foreign land, far from the brothers, then return and reconciliation.

In the Document on “Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together”, which Pope Francis signed in Abu Dhabi on 4 February 2019 with the Grand Imam of Cairo Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, the Pope recalls that God "created all human beings equal in rights, duties and dignity, and called them to live together as brothers and sisters.”


As in the biblical story of Joseph, Pope Francis gives us the mission to create brotherhood among ourselves, and this is the project we have during this international camp! We will explore the theme of fraternity from different perspectives through lectures, workshops and especially through living together with people from different nations, cultures and peoples. So if you want to discover and build this fraternity yourself, don't hesitate to join us!


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